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The Season Four Trailer For Hit YouTube Premium Comedy ‘Foursome’ Is Here

YouTube Premium’s longest-running series is back.

The fourth-season trailer for racy comedy Foursome dropped this week, and while it’s still packed full of YouTube talent like leading lady Jenn McAllister (3.4 million subscribers) and Rickey Thompson, the hit show’s next installment is noticeably absent Logan Paul, who played McAllister’s overbearing older brother Alec for the first three seasons. Paul was cut from the series in January following his widely-criticized video showing a dead body in Japan's Aokigahara forest.

Foursome follows four friends through the trials and tribulations of being teenagers. In this latest season, set to premiere on Oct. 24, the Og foursome reunites for one last epic summer together before some of them graduate, leaving McAllister’s character to face her junior and senior years of high school alone.

The series, which has pulled in some impressive viewership numbers for YouTube, also stars Cameron Moulene and Sarah Gilman,

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