Crypt of Curiosities: Junji Ito Adaptations

In terms of great living horror legends, Japanese mangaka Junji Ito is easily one of the most distinctive. His manga, featuring oddball characters with sunken eyes and creepy smiles being menaced by all sorts of monsters and phenomena that are often more absurd than traditionally "spooky" are truly one of a kind, always finding a way to turn the comically strange into something more bone-chilling than just about any shuffling zombie or deranged serial killer. He’s made terrifying body horror out of sleeping bags, existential horror out of oddly shaped imprints in a fault, and my favorite: creating a full-blown, genuinely horrifying apocalyptic scenario out of fleshy, noose-equipped weather balloons.

Naturally, with an author as infamous and popular as Ito (he’s even worked with Pokémon developer Game Freak for promotional art), it’s only a matter of time before film adaptations start rolling out. There are a lot of them out there,

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