‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 15 Next, New Episode 5 Is Getting Delayed

Happy Saturday, "Grey's Anatomy" fans. We've got a bit of bad news for you guys in this article. It turns out that ABC is already pumping the breaks on new episodes Of Grey's Anatomy as the show will encounter it's first break of the brand new season 15 this upcoming Thursday night, October 18,2018. That's right guys. Your favorite show will not be airing its brand new episode 5 until Thursday night, October 25, 2018 in the same 7 pm central time slot. So, be sure to jot that very important date down on your TV show calendars. So, why is ABC not airing a new Grey's Anatomy episode this upcoming Thursday? We're not totally sure why. We have a few guesses but nothing official. We think ABC pre-plans these delays in advance based on the time they have to get through all of the 24 episodes of Grey's Anatomy season 15 that they ordered. They're probably a

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