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Sergio Martino’s Torso Available on Blu-ray October 30th From Arrow Video

Sergio Martino’s Torso will be available on Blu-ray October 30th From Arrow Video

Enter… If You Dare!

A talented and versatile journeyman, director Sergio Martino has lent his talents to multiple genres across his long and varied career, but it is undoubtedly his giallo thrillers from the early 70s for which he is best known. Among the most highly acclaimed of these, 1973’s Torso revels in the genre’s time-honored traditions while simultaneously laying the groundwork for the modern slasher movie.

A sex maniac is prowling the streets of Perugia, targeting picturesque university town’s female students. Alarmed at plummeting life expectancy of the student body, Jane and her three friends elope to a secluded country villa only to discover that, far from having left the terror behind, they’ve brought it with them!

Also known as ”Carnal Violenc”e, Torso was released in Italy towards the end of

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