Freya Tingley plays an Army veteran in Us indie thriller ‘Year of the Detectives’

Freya Tingley in ‘The Sonata.’

Freya Tingley will play the lead in first-time Us director Ali Presley Paras’ mystery-thriller Year of the Detectives, which starts shooting in Los Angeles this month.

The Aussie actor describes her character Nic O’Connell, a recently discharged Army veteran, as “like a grenade with the pin pulled: she’s tomboyish, tough and not afraid of a fight.”

O’Connell jointly inherits her grandfather’s private detective agency in the heart of Chinatown. She must set aside her differences with her co-inheritor (True Grit’s Paul Rae) to solve the mystery of her grandparents’ deaths as bodies pile up.

Chris Johnson wrote the script and the producer is Silversmith Pictures’ Joe Smith. A longtime assistant cameraman, Paras has directed several shorts including Quad, which is available on Hulu as part of the Fun Size Horror anthology.

“I’m pretty well versed in classic films so

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