There She Goes: the brutal new comedy busting motherhood myths

This outrageously funny BBC Four show about raising a child with learning difficulties shines a light on the desolation often felt in early motherhood

There is a devastating moment in BBC4’s forthcoming comedy, There She Goes, when new mother Emily can no longer hide her despair. “It’s not that I don’t want to love her,” she says, standing beside her six-month-old’s cot, her face hollowed out by exhaustion and fear. “I just don’t think I can.” Her husband offers an array of platitudes, but his wife is beyond consolation. She knows there is something different about their daughter’s development, and is petrified by the dawning realisation that her baby has a serious learning disability.

Even in a TV landscape swarming with stony-faced sad-coms, it may seem as though the premise of There She Goes is stretching the limits of comedy to breaking point. In fact,

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