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Horror Feature Film ‘#evil’ Is Casting Talent for its Shock Opening Scene

A low budget horror film, “#evil,” is shooting a “shock opening” for the feature film. The production is casting four parts for actors of any ethnicity or cultural background. Two parts are for male actors to play Navy Seals. Zack, for male talent, aged 25–40, has just returned from combat and is agitated and suffering from Ptsd. This part is for a tall, fit, and muscular actor. Tom, for an actor, aged 23–35, who is fit and of medium build, keeps his low-key personality somewhat hidden and plays things close to the vest. There are also two available roles for female talent. Vivian, for an actor, aged 21–35, of petite build, is the wife of the departed Navy Seal, who relies on the friendship of a young couple to cope with the stress of his deployment. Kelly, for an actor, aged 22–35, of petite to medium build, is fun-loving and sassy yet also sensitive.

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