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Grimmfest 2018: Exclusive Interview with Barbara Crampton – Part 1

This years Grimmfest special guest was actress and horror genre icon Barbara Crampton. Renowned for her roles in cult classics such as Re-Animator and From Beyond, Barbara continues to be a major figure in contemporary genre cinema, appearing in such acclaimed recent releases as You’re Next, Beyond the Gates, Sun Choke, We Are Still Here and Replace. We got a chance to sit down with Barbara during the festival to talk things horror, including her role in Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich… Check out part one of the Epic interview below, and check back tomorrow and Thursday for the rest!

You had a cameo in the 1989 Puppet Master. What was it like coming back to the franchise?

I suppose I’m glad now that I took that job and did the cameo on the first one. They sort of asked me to do it, off-handedly, in a way because

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