Watch a Short Film from ‘The Mend’ Director John Magary

It’s been more than three years since The Mend established John Magary as a major talent, his film both a clear, worthy descendant of greats and UFO within the contemporary American-film scene. If a follow-up’s been frustratingly out-of-reach, the availability of an early project will do something to satiate admirers — so thanks to Le CiNéMa Club for offering his 2007 short The Second Line, a comedy-until-it’s-not set and shot in post-Katrina New Orleans. Adding to the small corpus, it makes clear that Magary has his preoccupations: another film about closely bonded men struggling to survive within environments that bring out some of their worst, most base tendencies — though this is about the bullshit of others, whereas The Mend largely concerns battles with your own

Magary said the following in a director’s statement:

“In December 2005, I went to New Orleans for the first time with my brother and my girlfriend.

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