Blu-ray Review: The House On Tombstone Hill aka Dead Dudes In The House

By the late ’80s, horror was pretty much done with slashers for a while. Jason and his pals were seeing diminishing returns at the box office, and most of the splattery goods being sold delved into creatures, bugs, or the supernatural. But no one told that to the makers of The House on Tombstone Hill (1989), who decided to revive stalk and slash to dance with the undead for a super gory and entertaining flick, brought back to Blu-ray life in pristine glory by Vinegar Syndrome.

If that title sounds unfamiliar, perhaps you know the film as The Dead Come Home. No? Well, then you may have heard the title Dead Dudes in the House, bestowed by Troma, who picked it up for home video distribution, slapped on a House Party font and a group of white hip-hoppers on the cover who have nothing to do with the film. But Troma

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