The Oath

As October hurtles past the midway point, many folks are experiencing a feeling of dread, one that’s not from worrying over having enough candy for the trick-or-treaters or if your party costume is too scary or sexy (or not enough of either). Nope, it’s because the really frightening events are happening just weeks later. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving, the first of the two big year-end family get-togethers, a day to revel in homecomings and making memories as you pass the stuffing and cranberry sauce. But for some of us, it can be an endurance test as old wounds are re-opened (and often liberally salted). One source of heated conversations post meals and pre-football is the political scene. Mom may try and nix that talk, but it settles in like indigestion. With the dining room simmering and smoldering with tension, what would happen if the government, as the old expression goes,

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