‘Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle’ Trailer: SundanceTV Doc Series Reenacts the 1978 Mass Death at People’s Temple

The history and aftermath of the Jonestown commune is still difficult to comprehend, whether you’re talking about it or trying to show the kind of devotion that would drive so many followers to lose their lives. Yet the new docuseries “Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle” will look to dissect as much of the tragic saga as possible in four parts, airing next month on SundanceTV.

The series follows eventual Jonestown leader Jim Jones from his origins as a civil rights-oriented preacher to the creation of Peoples Temple and through the group’s move to Guyana. It was there that over 900 of Jones’ followers died. Through archival footage and recently declassified federal intel, “Jonestown: Terror in the Jungle” outlines the deaths that happened both voluntarily and by force.

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