Screen Australia invests $2.7 million across 14 docos

Firestarter – The Story of Bangarra’.

A three-parter exploring the forces behind and the cover-up of child abuse inside the Catholic Church; a feature doco co-written and co-directed by Nel Minchin and Wayne Blair that looks at the work of Indigenous performing arts company Bangarra; and two projects from Mint Pictures for Sbs are among the 14 most recent docos to have received production funding from Screen Australia.

The federal agency has invested $1.3 million via its Producer program and $1.4 million via the Commissioned program.

“Documentary continuously works as a platform to amplify marginalised voices and ideas, and there are a variety of stories in this slate from multicultural, transgender and Indigenous perspectives that will enrich and enlighten viewers,” said head of content Sally Caplan.

“The documentary art form allows us to unravel and explore complex and often challenging topics, and these projects take on some difficult and topical subject matter including death,

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