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PewDiePie Decries YouTube’s Release Of Logan Paul Movie While His Series Remains Shelved

Seemingly out of nowhere, YouTube Premium moved forward last week with the sequel to Logan Paul’s dystopian feature The Thinning -- a project that was put on hold 10 months ago after the 23-year-old notoriously vlogged a suicide victim in Japan. YouTube justified the decision as being made in fairness to the cast and crew of The Thinning: New World Order -- as well as to fans of the film franchise.

Now, PewDiePie -- another top YouTube star who saw the cancellation his Premium series, Scare PewDiePie, in the wake of objectionable behavior -- is decrying YouTube’s decision to premiere Paul’s project while his own remains shelved. “It’s kind of amazing how a billion dollar company can be so inept at leadership,” Kjellberg said in a recent video on his channel, which is -- for now -- the most-subscribed hub on all of YouTube. “If you want to be taken seriously,

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