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‘Hold the Dark’ Review (Netflix)

Stars: Jeffrey Wright, Alexander Skarsgård, James Badge Dale, Beckam Crawford, Riley Keough, Michael Tayles, Julian Black Antelope, Conor Boru | Written by Macon Blair | Directed by Jeremy Saulnier

In the grim Alaskan winter, a naturalist hunts for wolves blamed for killing a local boy, but he soon finds himself swept into a chilling mystery.

Jeremy Saulnier returns with his fourth feature with the Netflix exclusive Hold the Dark. After a string of critically acclaimed features in the indie market in the likes of Blue Ruin and Green Room. Two incredibly glib, morbid and frightful thrillers that question the limits of individual heroism and morality.

Hold the Dark has been described by director Saulnier as containing his highest body count to date on screen. Fans of nihilistic tendencies rejoice but if that’s the only thing what Hold the Dark offers it’s a fair assessment that Saulnier doesn’t understand or

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