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The Best Killer Animal B-movies

Rebecca Clough Oct 24, 2018

Here's our pick of the most terrifying sea monsters, snakes and, er, sheep...

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

Animals have been our companions for millennia, but what happens when nature… goes bad? Some of cinema’s scariest moments come from creatures who have become freakishly intelligent, aggressive, or large, normally as a result of human experimentation. Other times, it’s simply that our reckless disregard for the natural order means a clash between man and beast; a fair fight only if we have guns, fireballs, and industrial-strength pesticides.

While the likes of Jaws and Arachnophobia create hauntingly iconic scenes that spring to mind at inopportune moments in your life, glorious counterparts to these classics are to be found in the cinematic bargain bin. Sometimes a straight-up thriller becomes a B-movie simply with the passage of time, as the animatronic monster becomes less terrifying and more ludicrous.

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