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24 Hour Musicals Comes To Broadway For First Time

The 24 Hour Musicals is coming to Broadway for the first time.

The marathon process for The 24 Hour Musicals begins at 9 Pm the night before the performance. Writers, composers, directors, choreographers, actors, music directors, musicians and production staff — many of whom have never worked with or met each other before — gather for an orientation where they are asked to share one costume piece, one prop, a special skill, and to reveal something that they have always wanted to do on stage, as well as some singing and dancing. At 11 Pm, the composers and writers get to work crafting 15-20 minute musicals overnight; at 9 Am the next morning, the actors receive their roles and the directors, choreographers and musicians arrive to begin rehearsal. Less than 12 hours later, they must be ready to perform in front of a live audience.

The evening will benefit The Lillys’ work supporting women in theater and promoting gender parity,

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