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Imperfect 10: The Alternative Halloween Horror Movie Marathon

For years now, I’ve been hosting horror movie marathons around Halloween. It’s my favourite time of year: an extended excuse to trawl through the trash bins of ‘80s and ‘90s horror in search of legit gems. To save you the pain of suffering through dumpster fires like Chopping Mall and House 4: The Repossession, I’ve summoned a list of ten sure-fire horror party bangers. These are films which nail the venerable Venn intersection of scares, humour and murderous efficiency.

So, without further ado, and in no particular order…

Sleepaway Camp, Aka Nightmare Vacation (1983)

It’s not exactly laugh-a-minute, and in terms of gore it’s fairly tame, even for the period. But this summer camp slasher has one great trump card: uniqueness. Apart from its genuinely great twist (which passes the test of being both completely unexpected and holding up to repeated viewings), director Robert Hiltzik drenches

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