Evil Dead II

In the spirit of Halloween, this writer wanted to unpack one of his all-time favorite horror masterpieces, Evil Dead II (a.k.a. Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn).

The first time I watched the original 1981 The Evil Dead, I found myself utterly terrified by the movie’s grisly carnage, completely charmed by its obvious low-fi origins, and wholly bewildered by a sense of humor that can only be described as “Three Stooges-esque.” The fact that it was made by a bunch of Michigan college dropouts through money raised largely from suburban dentists and grocers only made its achievement all the more impressive. But I knew that this was only the appetizer. By the time I got around to Evil Dead II, it had become legend in my mind. As a fairly literate movie fan, I knew that this was purported to be the crown jewel of the Ash Williams cinematic trilogy.

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