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Stan Against Evil: What's It Like to Play A Monster?

Chris Longo Oct 31, 2018

Mick Ignis tells us what it's like to play creatures of the night on Stan Against Evil.

Actor Mick Ignis is about as charismatic as they come, yet most of his time onscreen comes inside all variations of demonic creatures. Ignis, 29, is a former animator turned master of inhabiting dark characters. He’s appeared as four separate demons in IFC’s horror-comedy Stan Against Evil, a show that undoubtedly has a deep affection for not only homages to classic monsters, but also exciting new eerie creations.

“As a huge nerd for this kind of stuff, this is like a dream show,” Ignis says of working on Stan Against Evil. “This is summer camp.” And we all know nothing creepy or slashy has ever happened at a summer camp.

Ignis, who also does puppet work on a wolf named Edgar in Netflix’s spooky cooking-themed show The Curious Creations of of Christine McConnell,

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