American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 8 Review: Sojourn

Twisted rituals? More like snoozing in the pews in the latest episode of American Horror Story.


This American Horror Story Apocalypse review contains spoilers.

American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 8

Michael's plan is in a shambles. His associates, both magical and Satanic, are in ashes after being captured and burned at the stake by Cordelia and the coven. Michael is helpless, directionless; the people he'd been leaning on to guide him in his plan to end the world are gone, hidden away from him by magical spells, and as such, Michael is adrift in a literal wilderness. Dropping to his knees, he carves a pentagram on the ground with a rock and prays to his father for guidance. After a series of temptations, Michael stumbles back into the city, stumbles back into the good graces of the Church of Satan, and uncovers a secret network of Satanists that will prove incredibly useful for Michael's purposes.

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