NBC News Takes Early Lead In Best-Line-Of-Day Derby During Souped-Up Midterm Elections Coverage

NBC News has taken the early lead in Best Line Of Midterm Elections Night Coverage.

During NBC News’ super-souped-up coverage, New York Times political pundit Jeremy Peters told news veteran Andrea Mitchell that Republicans went into the day worried about the enthusiasm of Democratic voters evidenced by the preponderance of female Dem candidates in the House and Senate.

More recently, Peters explained, over final couple weeks of voting-day walk-up, Republicans “felt the air come out of the balloon a little bit” with the Pittsburgh synagogue slaughter and the bomber who mailed incendiary devices to a multitude of prominent critics of Trump.

“And, even if voters weren’t directly blaming Trump for that, they look at the situation and said to themselves, ‘God, what a crazy world?’ ” Peters described. “And, as one Republican strategist said to me, ‘Who is the President of Crazy?’ ”

With NBC’s midterms More is Better mantra,

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