The 'Inception' of Movie Editing: The Art of D.W. Griffith

Scene from The Unchanging Sea and Inception The following video essay by by Michael Joshua Rowin and Kevin B. Lee of (via Matthew Seitz) takes a look at the parallel editing of Christopher Nolan's Inception, but using the work of D.W. Griffith to show where it all started, the video opens by saying, "[When] compared to the work of a filmmaker who directed a hundred years before Nolan, Inception doesn't look all that mind-blowing. Considered the father of narrative cinema, D.W. Griffith practically invented such techniques like parallel editing, pushing them to unprecedented levels of complexity and depth."

"The true architect of Inception is D.W. Griffith." ~ Michael Joshua Rowin It's a fascinating look at the effect cinema's history has had on the movies today and why cinephiles always make sure to point out the directors that started it all as a warm reminder that by not opening

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