‘Evil Elves’ Review (aka Elves)

Stars: Deanna Grace Congo, Lisa May, Amy Jo Guthrie, Stephanie Marie Baggett, Lily Martinez | Directed by Jamaal Burden

In my unofficial quest to watch every single Christmas horror movie ever released, I have started early this year with a few films. Evil Elves (to be released as just Elves in the Us in December) is the latest of my festive viewings for Nerdly.

And this is actually a sequel to a movie I have yet to see, simply titled The Elf. As far as I could tell, it doesn’t matter that I have so far missed out on the first one. Maybe surprisingly, the story doesn’t actually involve a whole lot of elves killing people. There’s kind of (not really) a bit of that, also some possession and even a Krampus killing people.

Unfortunately this doesn’t add up to as entertaining a film as it might sound.

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