6 Shocking ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Behind The Scenes Secrets Revealed

Hey, Pretty Little liars fans. We've got a special report for you guys today in regards to the old Pretty Little Liars show. It turns out that there were some pretty major secrets that went on behind the scenes that most of you may not have been aware of. We're going to go over six of them in this particular article. These behind-the-scenes secret come from the folks over at The first behind-the-scenes secret was that actress Sasha Pieterse who plays character Alison Dilaurentis was actually only 12 years old when she landed her Pretty Little Liars role. In addition to that, she originally auditioned to play the role of Hanna Marin which Ashley Benson ended up doing. The second big secret was that Australian actress Tammin Sursok who played character Jenna Marshall was secretly pregnant during the 4th season of Pretty Little Liars. They cleverly hid her pregnancy

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