Demonic Thriller The Harrowing Can be Unwrapped on Christmas Day!?

Canadian distributor Mongrel Media will bring the supernatural title The Harrowing to audiences, in December. Strangely, the film will debut on Christmas Day. From director Jon Keeyes ("American Nightmare"), this title involves a detective - in search of his best friend. In a forensic hospital, he finds a demonic Hell, instead. This title will also move to the United Kingdom and U.S. markets, through Film Mode Entertainment at a later date. A preview of the film's Canadian release is hosted here. A new trailer is available for The Harrowing. The clip shows Ryan (Matthew Tompkins) dealing with a supernatural entity, which appears indestructible. Later, in a hospital, Ryan sees demons working in the morgue. Mongrel Media will make The Harrowing available, on home entertainment formats, shortly. On Christmas Day, folks can sip egg nog, unwrap Xmas presents and then watch demons on the screen - all on the same day!

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