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Hasbro's Monopoly for Millennials Sparks Outrage Amongst Younger Crowd

Hasbro's Monopoly for Millennials is the company's latest twist on the iconic game. However, some young consumers are pretty bummed out about it. The front of the box features a brand-new Rich Uncle Pennybags, who has traded in his monocle for some bright blue sunglasses. He's also taking a selfie while listening to tunes with his earbuds in and holding on to a coffee cup. The tagline at the bottom of the box simply states, "Forget Real Estate. You Can't Afford it Anyway." However, that's just the start in this humorous take on the old game.

Instead of buying real estate, Monopoly for Millennials allows players to win by racking up life experiences. Rescuing animals or going on yoga retreats is a few ways to earn some pretty big points in the game. The game takes just about every millennial stereotype and packs it all into one long box.

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