Leeds International Film Festival 2018 Review – Night of the Dead Horror Marathon

The Leeds International Film Festival plays annual host to an overnight horror marathon, Night of the Dead, in which 300-ish gorehounds gather inside Leeds’ historic Hyde Park Picture House to hunker down with the latest and “greatest” in cult horror gems.

2018 marked the 18th Night of the Dead all-nighter, and it’s my 9th time attending, having become something of a yearly tradition for myself and my Uni pal/fellow sufferer Alex. The ritual is as follows; we take a bleary-eyed coach from London to Leeds, sink some beers throughout the day and then rock up to the Picture House for 10 hours of sleep-deprived insanity.

It’s a festival sidebar that naturally attracts the most dedicated genre buffs and, to that end, caters with a game mix of card-carrying schlock and higher-minded, critically acclaimed fare. This year’s slate of movies proved one of the more consistent in recent years,

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