MST3K Season 12 Review - Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet Is Pretty Nice

MST3K season 12 scales back in various ways, but delivers a strong set of six episodes on Netflix.


When Mystery Science Theater 3000 returned for its eleventh season, they had big shoes to fill. While the series has evolved over the decades, prior change only happened in pieces. When Mike Nelson replaced Joel Hodgson as MST3K host, everything else remained the same. With the jump from Comedy Central to the Sci-Fi Channel, it still just boiled down to losing Trace Beaulieu and having to cover for it. The eleventh season, on the other hand, was a total changeover. New host, new voices for the robots, new antagonists, new set, newer everything.

They did pretty damn well. The fourteen-episode season was well-received overall, even if it had some growing pains. The biggest issue was that the jokes were too rapid-fire and felt unnatural. Lines weren’t given time to breathe

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