8 Malayalam actors we're bored of seeing in the same role again and again

MollywoodThese are talented actors but we wish they'd stop being so predictable in every film.Neelima MenonFullpicture.inYou see them many times. At the same place, in the same tone, with the same backstory. No, they aren’t stalking you, but they aren’t stalking good roles either. Here’s a list of Malayalam actors who need to stop getting, now. Joy Mathew: With every one of his characters speaking in the same tone, he is always the friendly neighbourhood uncle, or the father or the sakhavu or the priest. A smart director may still be able to get him out of that rut. Renji Panicker: His acting career started of with a lot of promise, especially as the cool dad from Ohm Shanthi Oshaana but then they started putting him in gruff, heavy-duty roles and he got stuck in that bracket. Now it seems that only senior cop/politician,

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