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Doctor Who Series 11 Episode 7 Review – ‘Kerblam!’

Villordsutch reviews Doctor Who Series 11 Episode 7 – Kerblam!

Written by – Pete McTighe

Directed by – Jennifer Perrott

Twirly – “Hello again. Customers with your current medical symptoms browse blood pressure medication.”

Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if Jeff Bezos put all of his earnings on a winning horse one day? If those giant warehouses of Amazon, Hermes and Buy’N’Large finally exceed the land they’re built upon and had to expand on a planetary scale, what would they look like? And more interestingly what would their workforce consist of? Well in this week’s episode of Doctor Who we get to find out.

After the Doctor (Jodie Whittaker) takes a late delivery of a Fez, though in fairness to Kerblam Man Delivery-Droid they were lucky it never arrived at the Fourth Doctor’s Tardis door (or did it?), it’s discovered – within the delivery box – someone

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