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Panel Discussion #53 – La Muerta goes West Coast Punisher!

Welcome back to another installment of Panel Discussion – this time featuring reviews of a handful of books that I’ve recently added to my pull list, including The Punisher, West Coast Avengers and La Muerta.

The Punisher #3

Matt Rosenberg’s fantastic run on Punisher continues with issue three, which picks up from the cliffhanger ending of #2 as Daredevil tries to bring Frank Castle to justice, only for the subway car their in to become overrun with numerous enemies, all wanting the massive bounty on the Punisher’s head. Which means this issue is action-packed, and I do mean Action packed. From beginning to almost end, The Punisher #3 is non-stop action and violence. Which means there’s not much room for story… making this book feel a little like a filler release. Not a bad example of a filler book, more a pause in the story if you will. And whilst

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