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‘May the Devil Take You’ Review: A Bland Homage to Sam Raimi’s Horror Films

They say that idle hands are the devil’s playthings, but Indonesian schlockmeister Timo Tjahjanto is never busier than when he’s skirting around the fringes of hell. Just a few long weeks after the release of his gonzo and blood-drenched beat-em-up, “The Night Comes for Us,” Tjahjanto is back with a gonzo and blood-drenched dose of domestic horror, “May the Devil Take You” (viewers familiar with the director’s gobstopping “V/H/S 2” segment won’t be surprised to see that he’s drawn to movies about the inescapable forces of darkness). Both films are available to stream on Netflix, both films offer giddy proof of Tjahjanto’s insatiable appetite for human suffering (both on the screen and in the audience), and both films become interminable reminders that geysers of blood can only get you so far.

A Sam Raimi homage that festers into a Sam Raimi knockoff, “May the Devil Take You

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