High Fidelity: When All Your Heroes Are Terrible People

Andrew Blair Nov 23, 2018

Alas, the geek idols of my youth have fallen...

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

"Hi Rob. You f**king asshole."

Rob Gordon is a great example of a character not having to be likeable to be interesting and entertaining (He made it to number 16 on our totally definitive list of the Top 50 assholes in cinema).

Yet you can’t help but root for Rob, because he’s played by John Cusack, and John Cusack can make hitmen sympathetic. Plus, as evidenced by the first article I linked to, I am in no position to criticize anyone for making endless lists. As you are reading a website called Den of Geek, there’s a chance you can also relate to Rob’s obsessive behaviour.

In both Nick Hornby’s novel and the adaptation, the characters are both funny and tragic. In the hands of less

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