Mac And Me had a Dark Alternate Ending

Kirsten Howard Nov 23, 2018

What the f... yes, it's true. The alternate ending of Mac and Me was dark as hell.

1988's E.T. rip-off Mac And Me may have been lost to the ages somewhat if it weren't for Paul Rudd. The Ant-Man star has been playing the same prank on most of his Conan appearances ever since he popped up as Phoebe's piano playing boyfriend, Mike, in Friends. If you haven't seen one of Rudd's interviews on the talk show, the actor usually answers a few fun questions before introducing an "exclusive" preview of his new project, only to present the exact same clip from Mac And Me over and over again. Said clip shows one of the main characters from the film going over a cliff in a wheelchair.

Apart from these regular Rudd ribs, Mac And Me only tends to be referenced as a product placement-stuffed 80s cash-in,

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