David Field, George Basha prepare ‘The Combination’ sequel

George Basha and David Field.

Nine years after their first collaboration on The Combination, co-directors David Field and George Basha are putting the finishing touches on the sequel.

Pinnacle Films will launch The Combination: Redemption on February 7 as well as handling international sales of the crime drama set in Sydney’s Western suburbs.

Field made his directing debut on the 2009 film which starred Basha as John Morkos, a Lebanese-Australian who is released after 18 months in jail and discovers his teenage brother Charlie (Firass Dirani) is involved with a Lebanese gang which is feuding with a bunch of Australian bigots.

Scripted by Basha and set six year later, the sequel follows Morkos as he is still haunted by the events that led to his death of his brother. As he begins to rebuild his life he finds solace in the boxing ring at his local gymnasium.

Meanwhile tensions are building as

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