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The Resident: The Lost Potential of Priya Nair

Since its premiere in January of 2018, The Resident has been slaying it in all categories.

The show has romance and drama as well as cute, cuddly moments and moments that make you think about life and the medical industry.

This show, which appeared at first to be just another medical drama has been original and awesome in all ways -- save one.

I am talking about Priya Nair (Tasie Lawrence), British/Indian journalist and fiancé to Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal), doctor and series regular.

When the show began we did not know a lot about Priya. We knew she was in a relationship with Devon, though whether they were a couple, living together, engaged, newlyweds, etc., was not revealed.

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All we knew, in the beginning, was that they were together, seemingly in love, and she was seemingly supportive of his dream to be a doctor.

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