Film Review: Bardo (2018) by Bhimrao Mude

An idealistic teacher starting in a new school and changing the conventional way of teaching to completely shatter the expectations of parents and teachers about some students in one way or the other has been a popular subject for films. From the 1989 Hollywood film “Dead Poets Society” to the 2018 Bollywood film “Hichki” there are a lot of such instances. A sub-section of this type of films are the films in which the school will be in a remote village where education isn’t given a lot of importance and this new teacher, with their great wisdom and kindness, change the lives of students. “Bardo” is the latest entry into these type of films from the Marathi language.

“Bardo” screened at Mumbai Film Festival

“Bardo” tries to be different from these films by making the new teacher more naive and still trying to cope with her failures while trying to live up to everyone’s expectations.

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