Bungie Details The Road Ahead With Destiny 2's Annual Pass

As rumors begin to swirl about a Destiny 3 on the horizon, with some saying it'll release as soon as next year, Bungie has made it decidedly clear that they are not finished with Destiny 2.  They did so by laying out the road map for their Annual Pass, a pass that will feature almost a year's worth of content!  More within...

There's a saying that "The road ahead is paved with good intentions.".  In gaming, that saying is usually twisted to "The road ahead is paved with loads of Dlc.".  For Bungie and their prolonged shooter, Destiny 2, they've decided to change the traditional way in which their content is released, foregoing Dlc in favor of adopting the same method that games like Overwatch and Fortnite release their content, in seasons.  

When Destiny 2: Forsaken released, what accompanied the drastic update was the option to purchase the Annual Pass, which promised access to content down the road.

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