Why the Maniac Cop remake is the film you didn’t know you needed

Tom Jolliffe looks at the long rumoured remake of Maniac Cop

Hands up who’s seen Maniac Cop… Okay, a fair few cult movie enthusiasts of a certain age. Bruce Campbell and Tom Atkins facing off against a vengeful, presumed dead ex-cop, played by the late, most granite jawed actor in history, Robert Z’Dar. It’s pure exploitation B picture. Low budget, but kind of cool. It made few waves on the big screen, but was particularly popular on video. Two sequels of increasingly dwindling quality followed.

Then a few years back, the divisive Nicolas Winding Refn decided the film needed rebooting. Of course, it would be within his own inimitable style and self-belief. It seemed at one juncture he might direct, even though the original feels so inherently un-Refn. How do you take what is a culty, B-movie romp, lacking in originality with a tongue in cheek flair,

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