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‘A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding’: Holiday Rom-Coms Are Harder Than They Look

It’s an established M.O. for Netflix: Identify genres and formats that “belong” to other networks, and begin slow and steady encroachment. “The Final Table” is a clear answer to Bravo’s “Top Chef,” while docu-series “Dogs” would have gone to Animal Planet in a different life.

And now that it’s the holiday season, those treacly Hallmark Channel Christmas rom-coms are clearly in its sights. Four Christmas-themed, Netflix Original love stories will be released between Halloween and New Year’s, and the crown jewel may be “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” — a sequel borne of the breakout popularity of last year’s “A Christmas Prince.” While it’s possible that this informal infringement may have Hallmark execs shaken like a snow globe, they also may be content knowing that the Christmas Movie Industrial Complex is harder than it looks.

As the cultural critics at “Saturday Night Live” reminded us last year,

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