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David Conville obituary

Actor and director who rescued the Open Air theatre in Regent’s Park, London, in the early 1960s

David Conville, who has died aged 89, gave the air of being a patrician stage director and manager of the old school, but his colonial army background in India, followed by public school and Oxford, was in some ways a mask for a convivial and genuine theatrical all-rounder. He was immensely popular with the actors who appeared under his management at the Open Air theatre in Regent’s Park, London.

When he handed over the reins of the theatre to one of those loyal actors, Ian Talbot, in 1987, he resumed his career as a television actor in Richard Eyre’s remarkable film Tumbledown (1988), in which Colin Firth played a wounded Falklands war veteran, and in the superior sitcom Surgical Spirits as George Hope-Wynne, a consultant surgeon caught in the crossfire between Nichola McAuliffe

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