Movie Review – The Rainbow Experiment (2018)

The Rainbow Experiment, 2018.

Directed and Written by Christina Kallas.

Starring Christian Coulson, Vandit Bhatt, Kevin Kane, and Connor Seimer.


A New York High School responds to a tragic science class accident.

Tracing the aftermath of a tragic schoolroom accident, The Rainbow Experiment plays out as an artful expressionistic why-dunnit. A post-modern detective story taking a wide-viewed focus on the characters and events surrounding the inquiry, Christina Kallas (42 Seconds of Happiness) experimental and surreal mystery is as intriguing as it is unclassifiable.

The main path of the film focuses on the memories and accounts of teachers, students and parents, as investigation staff attempt to discern exactly what happened during the fateful chemistry class that led to the fire. Brilliantly showing how unreliable such testimonies can be, the film highlights how every individual has a unique perspective on events. Everyone’s background and personal story can influence – even in the smallest

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