Night Terrors Film Festival: Official Selection 2019

Night Terrors Film Festival's fourth season is upon us, and we proudly present the official selection of short films for 2019: Alisa (Johannes Lilja) Beta (Kai Erfurt) Chimes (Jannine Benkhardt) Dead Celebrities (Michael Fausti) The Ballad of a Haunted Man (Emma Pitt) The Whistler (Jennifer Nicole Stang) Post Mortem Mary (Joshua Long) Terrordactyl (E.K. Scarfone) Delicacy (Michael Middleton-Downer) A Doll Distorted (Niall Shukla) The Blizzard (Alvaro Rodriguez Areny) Little Shoes (Ray Kermani) Off Duty (Becki Pantling) Those who can die (Charlotte Cayeux) Full-Time Lady (Petri Bergman) Night Terrors Film Festival will be held as always at Slagtehal 3 in Aarhus, Denmark on Thursday, February 7. Then, on the following day, Friday February 8, the same films can be enjoyed at Husets Biograf in Copenhagen, Denmark....

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