Sundance Film Festival Expands Vr Programming, Unveils New Frontier Lineup

The Sundance Institute rounded out the lineup for the 2019 Sundance Film Festival by unveiling its New Frontier section, which “spotlights work at the dynamic crossroads of film, art and technology.”

While the feature, short-film and indie episodic lineups tend to attract most of the press at Sundance, New Frontier consistently hosts the festival’s most dynamic and innovative work, spanning a wide range of interactive, emerging technology and installation-based projects that encompass Vr, Ar, mixed reality (Mr) and AI.

No section of the festival changes more from year to year than New Frontier, as reflected in the recent decision to expand to two venues — New Frontier at The Ray and the neighboring New Frontier Central, including a dedicated Vr Cinema — where the projects will be viewable during the duration of the festival, accompanied by panels and other special events.

Those looking to the Sundance Film Festival to find the cutting-edge

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