MTV is Bringing Celebrity Deathmatch Back with Ice Cube

MTV Studios is set to revive their stop-motion animated series Celebrity Deathmatch, which featured various celebrities engaging in highly stylized and ultra violent wrestling matches.

The bloody caricature versions of these celebrities would engage in bloody combat by using different abilities and weapons to deliver particularly brutal attacks, resulting in exaggerated physical injuries.

It was a fun, silly, and mindless show that managed to entertain. With the way social media has fueled the flames of celebrity and fan rivals, it makes sense that MTV would want to bring it back now.

Series creator Eric Fogel will return to executive produce, along with Ice Cube, who will also star in the new take of the series. Chris McCarthy, president of MTV, VH1 and Cmt had this to say in a statement:

“We’re excited to grow our partnership with Ice Cube and Cube Vision to reimagine this fan favorite. ’Deathmatch’ was the meme before memes,

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