Film Review: ‘Asher’

Film Review: ‘Asher’

Though there’s no sign he plans to retire soon — he has several further projects in the can — producer-star Ron Perlman’s vehicle “Asher” is the kind of movie that often serves as an actor’s onscreen bow-out these days. Like recent “The Old Man and the Gun” or imminent “The Mule,” it provides “Hellboy” star Perlman a way to both stay in the game and acknowledge “aging out” as a veteran criminal whose next job may be his last.

That blend of action genre content and character study is a comfortable mix for Perlman, even if “Asher” doesn’t quite have the stuff to be truly memorable on either count. This leisurely neo-noir, directed by Michael Caton-Jones from a first produced script by Jay Zaretsky, opens today on 10 U.S. screens simultaneous with digital-formats release.

Asher (Perlman) is a dignified silver-haired gent living a quiet, solitary existence in his New York loft apartment.

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