Maggie Gyllenhaal On ‘The Sexiness, Opera & Punk’ In Netflix’s ‘The Kindergarten Teacher’

After playing prostitute-turned-blockbuster porn director Candy Merrell on HBO’s gritty ’70s/’80s NYC crime drama The Deuce, portraying a Kindergarten teacher who yearns to become a poet in Netflix’s The Kindergarten Teacher “was the next step” says actress Maggie Gyllenhaal.

And by “next step”, the Crazy Heart supporting actress Oscar nominee means a project that “is an articulation of me”.

While Candy maneuvers and rises to a position of control on The Deuce amid the chaos around her, Gyllenhaal’s Lisa Spinelli in Kindergarten Teacher is “a regular woman” falling apart. She lives a humdrum life with a blase husband, two teenage kids who disrespect her, but finds a creative muse in her five-year old student Jimmy (Parker Sevak). Ya see, Jimmy can write poetry off the top of his head. He becomes a fountainhead for Lisa who is struggling in a night school poetry course. She starts

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