Film Review: Sabrina (2018) by Rocky Soraya

With the release of the mega-hit ‘Annabelle’ in 2014, a slew of imitators arrived from around the world to tackle the theme of the possessed killer doll. Indonesian director Rocky Soraya emerged in 2016 with his entry “The Doll,” and when a sequel emerged the following year, he decided to continue the franchise with this third entry spinning off the series into this new title doll.

After solving a deadly possession case, Maira and her husband Aiden try to move on with raising his orphaned niece Vanya (Richelle Georgette Skornicki) who’s still lonesome for her mother. When they attempt to bridge the gap by presenting her with a special doll from his company, she takes to it instantly and begins to form a deep attachment to the object which does warm them to her, although the constant attachment to the doll begins to worry Maira. After several close encounters between them and the doll,

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