Elseworlds Finally Confirms Which Earth Batwoman Lives On

Ever since Batwoman was first confirmed to be introduced during the “Elseworlds” crossover, fans have wondered from which Earth Kate Kane hails. This may sound trivial to the unfamiliar, but when you consider that three Arrowverse series – Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow – all take place on Earth-1 and Supergirl calls Earth-38 home, then you’d better believe it’s important for storytelling reasons.

Well, if you tuned in for the first part of the mega event this evening, then you no doubt remember the cliffhanger that saw Oliver Queen, Barry Allen and Kara Danvers setting course for Gotham City. Long story short, that’s where they’ll need to venture if they’re going to find the guys Cisco saw in a vision, those being the Monitor and John Deegan, the latter of whom was revealed as an Earth-1 resident near the top of the broadcast.

Taking that into account,

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